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Programs we offer

Programs we offer

Research has shown that high quality childcare and early education programs are instrumental in helping children overcome barriers to learning. At Sweet Briar CDC it is our mission to partner with parents and provide programs that help students and families succeed. Below is a list of programs we offer!


Young Toddlers (SEEDLINGS) @ Sandra campus only

Toddlers are encouraged to participate in daily routines to develop self-help skills and foster self-esteem. Educational activities provide opportunities for experiences that help children develop social-emotional, language, and motor skills. Teachers reinforce positive behaviors, set limits, and are consistently available to support the toddler's need for independence and exploration.


Our older toddlers are provided with abundant opportunities to increase vocabulary, develop problem solving skills, and be creative through developmentally-appropriate curriculum. Indoor and outdoor activities strengthen fine and gross motor skills. A love of reading is fostered through stories and daily literacy activities.

Preschool (snap dragons)

Preschoolers' growth and development is strengthened through art activities, sensory play, and manipulative toy work. Books and print are used to increase familiarity with the meaning of letters and words. Teachers also use rhymes, finger plays, and songs to introduce phonetic awareness and letter recognition.

Pre-Kindergarten (bluebonnets)

Children develop writing, phonetic awareness, letter recognition and math skills in small and large group activities. Teachers use highly-acclaimed Scholastic Curriculum as a foundation for their classroom.  Social and emotional development continues to mature by fostering positive self-esteem, empathy, and independence.

Play is the highest form of research
— Albert Einstein